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Whether you're hosting a virtual fireside chat, a big-stage conference or an intimate leadership team offsite I would love to partner with you! Your attendees will leave feeling inspired, energized, informed and empowered. Let's collaborate!
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Fireside Chat

Watch my Fireside Chat at the Valencia Digital Summit

In this fireside chat I share some behind the scenes stories, failures, lessons learned and best practices from my 15 year career at Amazon and Google in the earliest stages of both companys’ growth.


Watch the highlights of my Keynote at Creative Congress of Arabic Publishing

I spoke to UAE government officials, local entrepreneurs and Arabic language publishers about the 70-20-10 model of Innovation.

Featured Keynote

Watch my keynote at SXSW

In this keynote at SXSW 2022 I discuss Becoming the Supergeneration and how to use the Golden Ratio to avoid burnout and empower your goals and career.

Virtual Masterclass

Watch the virtual masterclass with London Business Forum

This virtual Masterclass was hosted by the London Business Forum. It is a mixture of some of my most requested stories, topics and action plans along with breakout session challenges to ensure that you can translate these into your own career goals today.

Most requested topics

Lessons in Innovation from Silicon Valley Elite

Grit, Reinvention and Pivoting for Success

The 70-20-10 Model for Innovation

How Silicon Valley Thinks

Innovation and Learning While in the Spotlight

How to Level-Up and Stop Being Overlooked for Promotion

The Imposter Syndrome Paradox